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  Zaikuzailei hard, but also home for the holiday Zaikuzailei hard, going home for the New Year With the opening of the Spring Festival, the annual great migration began on the vast land of China.From south to north, from east to west, from cities to villages and towns, rush tickets become hot words, people have packed their bags and gift purchases, airport, railway station, bus station crowded.This great migration name is home for the holiday.Recently, we did a mini-survey on "home New Year" of more than 70% said they would go home New Year, Jinliang Cheng who do not want to go home New Year, less than one percent of people are not sure whether to go home Chinese New Year.I want to go home New Year and Chinese New Year is uncertain whether the reason there are three points back home: time and economic costs too much pressure; interpersonal intensive bring unpleasant experience; Like every year lacks significance feeling bored.Chinese New Year family reunion is not only the Chinese tradition, it is the core of Chinese traditional culture.Therefore, in any case, as far as possible home for the holiday.Share the story of a few friends home for the holiday, I hope we can bring some thoughts.And as a happy New Year, bless readers and friends a happy new year in advance, well good luck!Home back to the starting point of the story of Chen Fan Yu (28 years old, Shaanxi Ankang people, living and working in Chongqing nine years, the annual New Year back home) my home in the well-being of the country, 20-year-old to school in Chongqing, Chongqing and later to stay in work life, marriage and children.Psychologically I feel has long been a Chongqing.But New Years, I will go home.My husband has been very strange, he knows the feelings of parents and I was not very good, usually not much contact, but why the New Year to become a good girl, ran back Pidianpidian.I seriously thought about it, I insist that every year New Year back home, began more like a rivalry.In my home, the parents in my heart, raising daughters are losing money, sooner or later will be married, like water poured out of the same without a trace.Every year I put myself look good to go back, back to them with a lot of expensive gifts, it is to tell them that I am not a money-losing, I do not splash out of the water.I could feel my parents are happy to do so, they will think I am the daughter of promise, White did not raise.Cheap cheap to say, to be their pride, and I am proud.Therefore, the initial rivalry slowly turned into enjoyment.In addition to competing with and enjoy, but also some curious.After all, home is my birthplace, I am here spent his childhood juvenile.If I and my life is a story, that the starting point is the story of the home.Im curious about the starting point of the story in the end what happened?I have become now, I certainly have a significant relationship with the starting point.And my memory is fuzzy on the starting point of a lot of inaccurate, need to clarify and confirm.New Year back home, and those who can see me grow up, I witnessed the boys childhood back in touch, where they understand what I want to know, answering questions.I have the impression that his childhood was lonely, nothing friends, resulting in at least three of my own age neighbors little sister to say I was a kid like wild boy, they fight with.They describe details of rhythmic, it is unlikely to be made up.I remember when dad busy at work, less about me, but relatives remember my dad when the baby loved all the details.While this information I was shocked, but it makes my childhood memories become clearer and more complete happiness.If you want to find out who he is in the end?Come from?Where to go?That New Year back home now, back to the beginning of the story, traced.Thousands of miles back and forth just to listen to the familiar accent Zhou Yi-wide (48-year-old, Chongqing Liangping who has been living in Shanghai for 20 years, went back every year home New Year) New Year back home, my golden rule.Sometimes my wife and daughter have other arrangements, I am a person was to return home New Year.Since the car later, I almost always by car.From Shanghai to Liangping, full speed there are more than 1600 kilometers, himself a man to open nearly 20 hours, it is impossible not hard.But no matter how tired no matter how tough, I have to go home New Year.Daughter asked why I was so stubborn?In the end is what attracted home?Help me answer my wife is my grandmothers cooking, grandfather bubble tea, childhood memories.Think about it, my wife answers can play 80 minutes, but not enough to accurately correct.Daughter was younger, parents to Shanghai and we lived more than a year, according to Which parents in what to say, that we can stay in the New Year in Shanghai, but we unanimously decided tirelessly New Year back home.I felt nothing but the truth very real sense, at home parents home, I can remove all other life roles, but their son, enjoying their favor.My home in Shanghai, parents like the guests, everything carefully.Whether parents and I prefer to feel at home.In addition, for the parents, their New Year back home to visit their brothers and sisters, relatives and New Year, to the ancestors grave.And I, a little hypocritical to say that New Year back home could hear the call relatives and friends back home with my childhood nickname accent.This world, only the home of people will call me, I heard that familiar and friendly accent call my nickname, my heart will feel particularly timely and secure, as Juanniao forest happiness.To find the root of life are no longer alone and adrift Yao Tong (39 years, Yantai, Shandong, Chongqing has been living and working for 11 years, the last three years have returned home New Years) all summer before my children back home, all over the Spring Festival in Chongqing.Three years ago, my mother died.The last three years, I went back home to accompany my father every year the New Year.For home, for home, and we have a different understanding of the past.I read in high school in Jinan, Tianjin University of Reading, there is no deep impression on home.Five years ago, when my mother diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, I wanted to take her to Chongqing treatment, she steadfastly refused, saying that the last days wanted to stay at home.I took leave of absence to go back to take care of her, the result simply not for me to take care of her sister, sister, cousin, cousin had good points work, 24 hours a day, there are people waiting around.Each relatives comforted me and said do not be afraid, and they all have anything with me.Flesh and blood family that I was very moved.Biao Yis mother has a distant, I never married, 70 years old and lives alone.Before the mother sick with delicious every week to visit her, to help her with household chores.After her mother was ill, aunt to ask around the table a variety of remedies, but also into the mountains to pick their own herbs.She asked her mother could take the doctor to change his lungs mom.I suddenly understand a mother, she understood so many years of quietly pay for her large family.She often said, the family, like a big family tree root, we are the branches and leaves on the trees, the root of the tree is deeply rooted.Mom loved ones in the company of calm and serenity to leave the world.Mothers illness and death, let me home, relatives and loved ones back home to have a re-understanding, but also to find their own sense of belonging in the heart.I was one of them, we are the same family tree greenery, we have the same root, the heart is no longer alone and adrift.One can always thin and small, and the ability to face the difficulties of the crisis is extremely limited, if you can rely on behind a large family, a large family, it was a completely different experience.Thanksgiving family, large family gives me warmth and strength, I will try to do my responsibility as a large family, a family, such as Chinese New Year back happy.

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