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  After one gold and one silver Tim Lu is good in training and did not come out After one gold and one silver to add to his 70 points Lu was hit hard training and good did come out of the petite Lu is, standing on the podium runner-up no trace of sad, though she got the womens single 10-meter jumping silver medal."The biggest regret is that his own set of actions 4."She said," usually turn out to be so much, but still did not jump this action is good, very regrettable.My two most skilful action is also not particularly good jump."Its more or less a lack of competition experience and Lu as heart stress related.While this womens singles before the 10m platform final, she has been partner teammate Zhang Qi won the gold medal in womens doubles 10m platform, but after all, a single person playing the game, and the opponent more competitive."Some can not relax."National diving team manager Zhou Jihong Lu evaluated as" technically still some details to be strengthened."Although got one gold, one silver two medals, but Lu is just give yourself 70 points.The Chinese diving team, Lu as the youngest athlete, she wants to December of this year was over 14 years old.Sichuan diving team coach had to pick seedling Nanchong, fancy Lu is also the point where the child looks very smart, she is good, is good practice diving block material.But Lu is the reason for this strange interest in the field of diving, but because it can help people diving team bounced high with trampoline."After being spotted, the Sichuan team to go to take the test, then I can see the trampoline was fun, I wanted to practice this thing."After the test at home, Lu is anxiously waiting for test results," the last election notified on, I can be happy."After the national team coach Zhou Yilin Lu to follow the training, the quality of her actions in a short time has been greatly improved.The World Championships gold medal and a silver medal, the coach undoubtedly pay and recognition and reward her efforts, but Lu did not forget to thank their parents, she said: "Thank you parents sent me to the diving team otherwise, I would not have todays results."

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