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  New Year travel into trendy, family suite for one night ten thousand yuan users: all Tyrant From the Year of the Rat Chinese New Year 10 days left, return home, travel two shares of the New Year travel boom kicked off soon.Recently, a number of online travel agencies issued the Spring Festival travel large data show that this year the Spring Festival holiday, more and more people choose "Tourism Year", corresponding is, popular tourist destination hotel prices generally rise, even hotel prices rose over 150%.Harbin Ice and Snow World Data for the new Jingwei Zhang Yan Zhengshe Family Suite "hard to get a room" As more and more people travel the Spring Festival, the price of the hotel near the popular tourist destination, "soared" family suite is "a difficult room begging".Flying Pig platform data show, hotel bookings during the Spring Festival, an increase of about 35%, many of the citys hotels have been booked, the popular tourist city than usual price rose 50% to 150% range, first-tier cities increase is relatively small, Beijing has even declined slightly.Data show that the most rapid rise hotel in Sanya, more than 150%, the average price is about 1,400 yuan, some families even sold on the yuan suite, users refer to "New Year to Sanya are Tyrant".Popular tourist city of Beihai, Xiamen, Dali, Lijiang and other price increases are highest, ranging from 50% -100%.Tang Xiangqian MGM Sanya Yalong Bay Resort resident manager, said the hotel has entered the peak booking, the Spring Festival is expected to fill the room rate above 95%.Spring Festival this year the average price of hotel nearly 4,000 yuan, the price is about three times daily, the most expensive Presidential Suite 9.80,000 yuan a night.The parent-child Shanghai Disneyland popular tourist attractions, scenic spots around the Chinese New Year period has long been booked Family Suite.An online travel platform show that from January 23 to January 26, introduced a budget inn family suites average 817 yuan have been sold out, the average price of 1034 yuan is also full of Aisha bunk room, respect family suites enjoy LOFT remaining one.In addition, a variety of themed hotels Whether or common standard family suite rooms are full.Disneyland Hotel in Shanghai theme family suites, although the price is high, but sales still hot.The hotels official website revealed that the hotel room type is divided into deluxe rooms, executive rooms, junior suites, themed suites, without room service charge prices ranging from 2700-11721 yuan.Among them, the magician suite, full Fantasia Suite Room.It is understood that New Years Eve, Fantasia Suite room price is 11721.$$ 16 service fee for the 1758.17 yuan, the actual need to pay 13479.33 yuan.Shanghai Disneyland in new Jingwei often taken Chhnang Disneyland Hotel in Shanghai, a staff member told reporters in New Jingwei: "During the Chinese New Year, many theme family suites have been booked, but the Deluxe Garden, Deluxe Lake View, Luxury House also there are some rooms, three room types can be added or Frozen theme Mickey Minnie theme, the need in the room price based on the cost of additional surcharge of 688 yuan.The most basic Deluxe Garden View Room is 3201 yuan, according to hotel regulations, coupled with the need to receive a 15% service charge."Tourism is New Year nearly half of the 95 after 90 after Chen Ching is a year just to work in a new job, get a life first of the year award and she chose to go to Japan travel New Year with friends.Chen Qing of the reporter introduced the new latitude and longitude, in fact, planning to travel from the New Year began in November last year."In the double 11 activities snapped up discounted tickets ANA, Qingdao fly from Osaka and from just 2800 yuan, but the original price of 2,000 yuan Japanese spa hotel in the New Year period rose to 3500 yuan."Said Chen Qing.Chen Qing said, "After work, no summer vacation, and the winter holidays only Chinese New Year, many people choose to travel around the New Year.During this period, foreign specifically for the Chinese people will be more comprehensive and thoughtful service."Japans Mount Fuji landscape drawing new Jingwei Zhang Yan Zhengshe recently released data show that the Flying Pig, choosing travel New Years population, 55% is 90, far more than other age groups.It is worth mentioning that, after 00 with gradually began to have economic power, their "status" is the rapid increase after the Chinese New Year travel this year an increase of 144% 00.Ctrip visa service center released the Spring Festival Office signed volume rankings, the top ten destinations are: Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, the United States, Vietnam, New Zealand, United Kingdom.Among them, Japans orders grew more than 50%, Malaysia and Vietnam is more than doubled.There are some relatively small minority of overseas destinations, to become the dark horse of this years Spring Festival travel abroad.Ctrip visa data show that, as of now, the Chinese New Year orders grew by four percent, the visa of the destination country as many as 76, which in addition to Southeast Asia and Europe and other regular destinations like Tanzania, Zimbabwe and other African countries, Brazil, Argentina South America and other countries do also signed volume significantly improved."Family travel" enthusiasm most people may still be on the job, some people have a good fight vacation with their parents, to pull off luggage.Anhui Wang Jingwei, told reporters that the new pair, after his own retirement in 2013, has been in his family for seven consecutive years and traveling the New Year, just arrived yesterday, Chiang Mai, Thailand."In the beginning was the New Year in domestic tourism, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Macao have been to in recent years the Chinese New Year in different countries.Last year in Myanmar over the Year of the Pig Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival this year to Thailand, the Southeast Asian country warm climate, Shenzhen distance daughter lives relatively close."It is understood that Mr. Wang and his wife are usually living area, a daughter who works in Shenzhen, an international education schools in Anhui, has now settled in Shenzhen."A few years ago her daughter also work to home New Year, after I retired, my daughter can go to Shenzhen, we made her leave, then travel abroad with the New Year."Mr. Wang introduced the Road, generally need to apply for a visa to go abroad, tickets hotel reservations, travel arrangements by the daughter responsible for."My wife and I will be responsible for play."Mr. Wang said.Staff Beijing Chaoyang Area travel stores for the new latitude and longitude, told reporters that nearly a month, travel during the New Year to come to consult consumers increased significantly."New Year travel are generally family trips, so I chose to go somewhere relatively warm, relatively close, popular tourist destination mainly Southeast Asian countries, in addition to Japan, South Korea more popular; domestic Yunnan, Hainan and other places popular some."The staff member said.Ctrip travel data platform, this years Spring Festival, the countrys tourism trips is expected to reach 4.500 million.Parents to take their own hard work of the city New Year, eat dinner on the road, watching the snow north southerners, northerners south shelters, become a new trend in this years Spring Festival travel.Data for the new resort Jingwei Zhang Yan Zhengshe for the Chinese New Year travel this way, users said, "where parents, home is where" there are users that "to escape the increasingly large group of relatives and friends," there are many users expressed " first tour, and then get home before New Years Eve ".New Jingwei Copyright, without written authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise.

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