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  Chang E IV team: live Shaohua, Heritage Relay Source Xinhua News Agency Chang E IV successfully sangrakwol Source Xinhua News Agency in 2020, when we Stargaze, one more look and care.In addition to more than 300,000 kilometers on the moon, Chinas "rabbit" is a step by step marched pace of efforts, with our eyes, to explore the moon together.Moon this ancient myth, reinterpreted in contemporary China, and continue to extend the new "version".2020 at 10:26 on January 3, Chang E IV probe successfully landed on the back of the moon.This is the first time a human probe soft landing back in January, it returned the worlds first monthly close-up shots back image map.This photo is from the moon, the scraper on the Web.Through it, the first human to look closely to see the side of the moon.Almost at the same time, Chang E sangrakwol the fourth, another picture is also widely circulated online.Background of this photo is the space flight control center on Earth, a female astronauts with emotion very badly, an elderly man standing space behind her, holding her hand tightly.The female astronauts is executive director Chang E IV detector project Zhang He, wound up 48-year-old.She was holding the hand of the five branches of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group chief scientist of deep space exploration and space science, satellite Chang-e One chief designer Ye Jian academician, 74-year-old wound.Two generations "Chang E" and hands together, this may be the best comment to one of Chinas space heritage and spirit of Relay.The early 1980s, studying in Switzerland Ye Jian went to visit the headquarters of the United Nations World Intellectual Property an exhibition, a US moon rock on display caught his eye."They really are not the same level", this is the first time he felt close contact lunar exploration.Twenty years later, China launch lunar exploration, Ye Jian Chang E One satellite as chief designer and chief commander, and led Chang E One task team success.Chang E One from fourth to Chang E, the old "Chang E" and Ye Jian Zhang He can understand the mixed feelings of the moment.According to Zhang He recalls that, Ye Jian came from the back, patted her on the shoulder, said: "hard, not easy."So with that picture mentioned above.Behind this picture, there are many young figure.On Moon journey, not only Zhang Xiao Ye Pei construction of such a heritage, as well as a younger generation of Relay - for example, Chang E IV "Magpie Bridge" stars Service relay subsystem designer director Hou Wencai, 34 years old.He and his colleagues completed the "Magpie Bridge" the design, production, testing, etc..In the measurement and control docking mission, they leave footprints in the snow-covered northern woodlands, shed sweat in the sand and over the western Gobi.For example, Chang E IV lander test command post Monkey Music, 29 years old.End held the wedding the next day, early morning flight to sit the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, put into testing Chang E IV lander.Chang E IV mission success is the result of struggle with tens of thousands of scientists.For example, Chang E IV lander has more than 200 devices, "rabbit" rover more than 100 devices to be tested; Chang E IV rocket made 65 technical improvements, such as the risk of launching a narrow window for the development of a 520 plan.In the face of all the difficulties, we help each other.As Zhang He said, "Every time I encountered a problem, everyone together to discuss and analyze, change and then change again.".Later academician said Ye Jian told reporters, talking about that, "shake hands": they traveled together for so many years on the road, Zhang He and the younger generation to stir up this burden, he will give them congratulations and encouragement.Because, "there are a lot way to go yet.".Zhang said that in the lunar allow yourself to become more courageous, confident.This is our "Chang E" and they live Shaohua, trying to run, let the dream emit bright light in the universe.Although there are a lot way to go, but we believe they will be more courageous and confident to go on."Guangming Daily"

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