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  BOE (BOE) donated 10 million yuan to Wuhan Reporters on the 28th from BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. was informed that recently, the development of novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic has struck a chord all the attention.In order to support the fight against the epidemic Wuhan, Wuhan BOE launched an emergency support actions.Through close communication with local government organizations, BOE donated 10 million yuan in cash to the Wuhan City Red Cross to fight against this sudden outbreak.BOE donated 10 million yuan in cash will be used to support emergency Wuhan and the surrounding affected areas and related front-line fight against the epidemic prevention work.It is understood that the BOE has been closely following the development of the epidemic, attention and focus on the real-time health and safety of all employees, and actively carry out epidemic prevention and control work.At present, the production plants around the BOE business as usual.

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