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  Anhui waste incineration power generation in the nation Recently, this reporter learned from the Provincial Energy Bureau, the province built in 2020, solid waste incineration power plant 31, with a total installed capacity of 460,000 kilowatts, an increase of 28.6%, the highest in the country, basically achieved full coverage of provincial cities, millions of people county-wide coverage.In recent years, as peoples living standards improve, garbage daily growth rapidly improved, such as the treatment is not timely, it will cause serious adverse impact on the environment.Province earlier action, in the "five" planning phase had been determined to incineration as living garbage, reduction, recycling treatment of major way, and waste incineration power generation will be approved by the authority in 2014 decentralized to the municipal."By 2020, the provinces annual power generation of about garbage incineration power plant 2.2 billion kwh, an increase of about 66.7%.Because life garbage removal system has improved, the amount of waste into the plant is relatively abundant, the average utilization hours of power generation equipment shipped waste incineration power plant is 6020 hours, 356 hours increase over the previous year, which can Chuzhou, Anhui, Fuyang two power plants equipment The average utilization hours over 8200 hours. "Provincial Energy Bureau official says.According to "Anhui biomass power" Thirteen Five "plan", 2020, the provinces total installed capacity of biomass power generation to reach 200 million kilowatts, of which agriculture and forestry biomass power 1.5 million kilowatts, garbage incineration power 500,000 kilowatts.From the current situation, the growth rate far exceeded expectations.In the first half of this year, the province put into operation a new project 2, the total installed capacity of 2.40,000 kilowatts; four newly approved projects, the total installed capacity of 12.50,000 kilowatts, the number of approved projects under construction close to 20, with a total installed capacity of about 360,000 kilowatts, will be gradually put into operation in the next two years, when the province will have more than 12 million tons of municipal solid waste incineration power generation to achieve processing, accounting about 80% of household waste Transported province.[Feature] the new era as a new chapter

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